CoDet: Co-occurrence Guided Region-Word Alignment for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Chuofan Ma, Yi Jiang, Xin Wen, Zehuan Yuan, Xiaojuan Qi


Deriving reliable region-word alignment from image-text pairs is critical to learnobject-level vision-language representations for open-vocabulary object detection.Existing methods typically rely on pre-trained or self-trained vision-languagemodels for alignment, which are prone to limitations in localization accuracy orgeneralization capabilities. In this paper, we propose CoDet, a novel approachthat overcomes the reliance on pre-aligned vision-language space by reformulatingregion-word alignment as a co-occurring object discovery problem. Intuitively, bygrouping images that mention a shared concept in their captions, objects corresponding to the shared concept shall exhibit high co-occurrence among the group.CoDet then leverages visual similarities to discover the co-occurring objects andalign them with the shared concept. Extensive experiments demonstrate that CoDethas superior performances and compelling scalability in open-vocabulary detection,e.g., by scaling up the visual backbone, CoDet achieves 37.0 $AP^m_{novel}$ and 44.7 $AP^m_{all}$ on OV-LVIS, surpassing the previous SoTA by 4.2 $AP^m_{novel}$ and 9.8 $AP^m_{all}$. Code is available at