Learning Multi-agent Behaviors from Distributed and Streaming Demonstrations

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Shicheng Liu, Minghui Zhu


This paper considers the problem of inferring the behaviors of multiple interacting experts by estimating their reward functions and constraints where the distributed demonstrated trajectories are sequentially revealed to a group of learners. We formulate the problem as a distributed online bi-level optimization problem where the outer-level problem is to estimate the reward functions and the inner-level problem is to learn the constraints and corresponding policies. We propose a novel ``multi-agent behavior inference from distributed and streaming demonstrations" (MA-BIRDS) algorithm that allows the learners to solve the outer-level and inner-level problems in a single loop through intermittent communications. We formally guarantee that the distributed learners achieve consensus on reward functions, constraints, and policies, the average local regret (over $N$ online iterations) decreases at the rate of $O(1/N^{1-\eta_1}+1/N^{1-\eta_2}+1/N)$, and the cumulative constraint violation increases sub-linearly at the rate of $O(N^{\eta_2}+1)$ where $\eta_1,\eta_2\in (1/2,1)$.