PTADisc: A Cross-Course Dataset Supporting Personalized Learning in Cold-Start Scenarios

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Datasets and Benchmarks Track

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Liya Hu, Zhiang Dong, Jingyuan Chen, Guifeng Wang, Zhihua Wang, Zhou Zhao, Fei Wu


The focus of our work is on diagnostic tasks in personalized learning, such as cognitive diagnosis and knowledge tracing. The goal of these tasks is to assess students' latent proficiency on knowledge concepts through analyzing their historical learning records. However, existing research has been limited to single-course scenarios; cross-course studies have not been explored due to a lack of dataset. We address this issue by constructing PTADisc, a Diverse, Immense, Student-centered dataset that emphasizes its sufficient Cross-course information for personalized learning. PTADisc includes 74 courses, 1,530,100 students, 4,054 concepts, 225,615 problems, and over 680 million student response logs. Based on PTADisc, we developed a model-agnostic Cross-Course Learner Modeling Framework (CCLMF) which utilizes relationships between students' proficiency across courses to alleviate the difficulty of diagnosing student knowledge state in cold-start scenarios. CCLMF uses a meta network to generate personalized mapping functions between courses. The experimental results on PTADisc verify the effectiveness of CCLMF with an average improvement of 4.2% on AUC. We also report the performance of baseline models for cognitive diagnosis and knowledge tracing over PTADisc, demonstrating that our dataset supports a wide scope of research in personalized learning. Additionally, PTADisc contains valuable programming logs and student-group information that are worth exploring in the future.