MAViL: Masked Audio-Video Learners

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Po-Yao Huang, Vasu Sharma, Hu Xu, Chaitanya Ryali, haoqi fan, Yanghao Li, Shang-Wen Li, Gargi Ghosh, Jitendra Malik, Christoph Feichtenhofer


We present Masked Audio-Video Learners (MAViL) to learn audio-visual representations with three complementary forms of self-supervision: (1) reconstructing masked raw audio and video inputs, (2) intra-modal and inter-modal contrastive learning with masking, and (3) self-training to predict aligned and contextualized audio-video representations learned from the first two objectives. Empirically, MAViL achieves state-of-the-art audio-video classification performance on AudioSet (53.3 mAP) and VGGSound (67.1\% accuracy), surpassing recent self-supervised models and supervised models that utilize external labeled data. Notably, pre-training with MAViL not only enhances performance in multimodal classification and retrieval tasks, but it also improves the representations of each modality in isolation, without relying on information from the other modality during uni-modal fine-tuning or inference. The code and models are available at