Long-Form Video-Language Pre-Training with Multimodal Temporal Contrastive Learning

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 35 (NeurIPS 2022) Main Conference Track

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Yuchong Sun, Hongwei Xue, Ruihua Song, Bei Liu, Huan Yang, Jianlong Fu


Large-scale video-language pre-training has shown significant improvement in video-language understanding tasks. Previous studies of video-language pretraining mainly focus on short-form videos (i.e., within 30 seconds) and sentences, leaving long-form video-language pre-training rarely explored. Directly learning representation from long-form videos and language may benefit many long-formvideo-language understanding tasks. However, it is challenging due to the difficulty of modeling long-range relationships and the heavy computational burden caused by more frames. In this paper, we introduce a Long-Form VIdeo-LAnguage pre-training model (LF-VILA) and train it on a large-scale long-form video and paragraph dataset constructed from an existing public dataset. To effectively capturethe rich temporal dynamics and to better align video and language in an efficient end-to-end manner, we introduce two novel designs in our LF-VILA model. We first propose a Multimodal Temporal Contrastive (MTC) loss to learn the temporal relation across different modalities by encouraging fine-grained alignment between long-form videos and paragraphs. Second, we propose a Hierarchical Temporal Window Attention (HTWA) mechanism to effectively capture long-range dependency while reducing computational cost in Transformer. We fine-tune the pre-trained LF-VILA model on seven downstream long-form video-language understanding tasks of paragraph-to-video retrieval and long-form video question-answering, and achieve new state-of-the-art performances. Specifically, our model achieves 16.1% relative improvement on ActivityNet paragraph-to-video retrieval task and 2.4% on How2QA task, respectively. We release our code, dataset, and pre-trained models at https://github.com/microsoft/XPretrain.