NeurIPS 2020

Polynomial-Time Computation of Optimal Correlated Equilibria in Two-Player Extensive-Form Games with Public Chance Moves and Beyond

Meta Review

The paper presents new results for computing extensive-form correlated equilibria in games with public chance actions. The author response clarified several points, and the main point of discussion was whether the content of this paper is new and significant enough in light of [12]. Though one reviewer clearly does not think so, the others do, and I lean toward agreeing that there is enough novelty in this paper to warrant its publication. However, there is an outstanding point that the authors have not responded to, which is how common these games are. At first glance this class of games does feel slightly artificial to me. The authors should state something on this, give some examples, or some discussion on what these games are or could be used for. I also encourage the authors to take all other points of feedback into account when revising the paper.