NeurIPS 2020

Differentiable Neural Architecture Search in Equivalent Space with Exploration Enhancement

Meta Review

The reviewers generally found this paper to be a good contribution to the NAO/NAS field, with a good motivation and strong results. There were concerns on the novelty of the work, but after considering the author’s response, particularly in relation to EWC, I think the work is sufficiently novel, especially given the relatively new domain. I would encourage the authors to include the clarifications and comparison to related work from the rebuttal in the main paper. The biggest issue that still lingers is the fact that NAS-Bench-201 is a very small benchmark. The most positive reviewer strongly encourages the authors to apply their technique to a larger benchmark such as NAS-Bench-1Shot1. The lingering concern otherwise is that it’s unclear if the approach will generalize to larger spaces, and some work to address this for the camera ready would be very beneficial.