NeurIPS 2020

Few-Cost Salient Object Detection with Adversarial-Paced Learning

Meta Review

This paper received reviews from 3 expert reviewers. The reviewers appreciated the interesting task (few cost saliency detection) and the use of self-paced learning combined with generative adversarial learning. After considering the authors' response, the reviewers refined their positions on the paper. R2's comments regarding semi-supervised learning remain valid. The authors would be encouraged to refine the presentation of this and use of terms. While I understand that the specific task may have its own nuances, it very much seems to be an instance of semi-supervised learning as R2 notes -- it includes labeled and unlabeled data and one learns from these. The descriptions that point to the contrary in the text seem unnecessary. Overall, given the interesting algorithmic contribution and good empirical results, this paper would be appropriate for presentation at NeurIPS.