NeurIPS 2020

Weighted QMIX: Expanding Monotonic Value Function Factorisation for Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Meta Review

I want to thank the authors for preparing the detailed rebuttal. This paper was discussed among all the reviewers during the post-rebuttal discussion phase. Also, given the borderline scores, we requested an additional emergency reviewer for this paper. While the rebuttal helped clarify some of the reviewers' questions, the reviewers shared a few concerns regarding the experimental evaluation, comparisons to SOTA, and the relationship of the proposed approach w.r.t. the relevant literature. Overall, the reviewers have a positive assessment of the paper and appreciated the technical insights to design the weighted QMIX algorithm. Based on these discussions, the reviewers have updated their reviews, providing additional feedback --- I hope the authors will find this useful. I would like to strongly encourage the authors to incorporate the reviewers' feedback when preparing the paper's final revision.