NeurIPS 2020

Dynamic Submodular Maximization

Meta Review

R3 has a weakly negative opinion on the paper; R1 and R2 have a weakly positive opinion of the paper, and R4 has a positive opinion. In the rebuttal, the authors have responded to some of the points raised by the reviewers; the response has partially satisfied the reviewers --- some points, though, remain. For instance, it appears the assumption of knowing an upper bound on the value of OPT is too strong in many cases; while the authors do consider weaker assumptions, their results for such other assumptions should be presented in more detail. It would be useful to compare the results of this paper with those in , a paper that appeared on the arxiv after the NeurIPS submission deadline --- as per NeurIPS's policy, the decision on this submission was made independently of this "contemporaneous" arxiv paper.