NeurIPS 2020

On the Similarity between the Laplace and Neural Tangent Kernels

Meta Review

Four knowledgeable referees rate this article 7,6,7,6. The article shows theoretically (and experimentally) that the NTK closely resembles the Laplace kernel. The reviewers agree that the results should be of interest to the community, but also have made various suggestions on how the article could be improved. R2 agrees with R1 that the theoretical results are novel and interesting. However, that the experiments are missing details, and hence the moderate enthusiasm in the rating, but would be more positive if the authors would re-run convolutional kernel experiments. R3 agrees with R2 that important aspects of the experiments should not be buried in the appendix. R4 considers that the paper contributes valuable novel insights but considers that the technical quality could be higher. I am recommending accept, but I would like to encourage the authors to address the recommendations and suggestions from the referees in the preparation of the final manuscript.