STREETS: A Novel Camera Network Dataset for Traffic Flow

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32 (NeurIPS 2019)

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Corey Snyder, Minh Do


In this paper, we introduce STREETS, a novel traffic flow dataset from publicly available web cameras in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. We seek to address the limitations of existing datasets in this area. Many such datasets lack a coherent traffic network graph to describe the relationship between sensors. The datasets that do provide a graph depict traffic flow in urban population centers or highway systems and use costly sensors like induction loops. These contexts differ from that of a suburban traffic body. Our dataset provides over 4 million still images across 2.5 months and one hundred web cameras in suburban Lake County, IL. We divide the cameras into two distinct communities described by directed graphs and count vehicles to track traffic statistics. Our goal is to give researchers a benchmark dataset for exploring the capabilities of inexpensive and non-invasive sensors like web cameras to understand complex traffic bodies in communities of any size. We present benchmarking tasks and baseline results for one such task to guide how future work may use our dataset.