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Title:Prediction of Spatial Point Processes: Regularized Method with Out-of-Sample Guarantees

Congratulations, your paper has been accepted for publication at NeurIPS2019. The extension of the conformal prediction framework to point processes is novel and interesting, and I think it will make a nice contribution to the conference. Conformal prediction is not widely understood within ML, and so I hope this paper adds to the discussion around appropriate inferential frameworks. When preparing the camera ready version, please bear in mind the reviewers' comments. In particular, the following were raised during the discussion as outstanding points that should be considered when revising the paper: - consider the comments about improving the notation to make the exposition clearer. In particular, I found the definition of r in eq (2) confusing at first. - please include the additional results on the empirical coverages for the simulation study presented in the supplementary material. Without these results, the reader cannot tell if the confidence intervals are informative or just guaranteed. - clarify whether improper discretization is covered under the model-misspecification guarantee?