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Paper ID:8838
Title:Kernel Truncated Randomized Ridge Regression: Optimal Rates and Low Noise Acceleration

After a careful discussion among the reviewers, there is a clear consensus that the paper provides a solid contribution to the community. As a result, I would recommend acceptance for publication at NeurIPS2019. Many congratulations. One important concern that came up during the discussion is that it is unclear under which regime the paper is focusing on. As a result, it becomes difficult for the reviewers and readers to assess the actual contribution. For example, the authors need to clarify that the paper needs \beta \geq 1/2 to hold and that it considers *only* the case $\alpha=1$. To clarify this in the camera-ready version, I urge the authors to give a pointer to Remark 3.3 on p. 7 of Fischer/Steinwart