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Title:Regret Minimization for Reinforcement Learning with Vectorial Feedback and Complex Objectives

Two out of three reviewers appreciated the contributions of this paper, with one expert reviewer praising almost every aspect of the paper. On the negative side, one reviewer took issue with the proposed setting, highlighting that the utility of the proposed objective function is somewhat dubious in the general context of multi-objective decision making. I agree with this reviewer in that having "multi-objective" in the title of the paper may set the wrong expectations for some readers, and I suggest that the authors consider changing the title of the paper for its final version to avoid such misunderstandings. Furthermore, the final version should discuss the relationship between this paper and the very recent work of Rosenberg and Mansour (2019) that studies essentially the same problem in episodic MDPs. Other than these concerns, the paper is worthy of being published without major changes. Reference: Rosenberg, Aviv, and Yishay Mansour. "Online Convex Optimization in Adversarial Markov Decision Processes." International Conference on Machine Learning. 2019.