A Greedy Approach for Budgeted Maximum Inner Product Search

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30 (NIPS 2017)

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Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Qi Lei, Inderjit S. Dhillon


Maximum Inner Product Search (MIPS) is an important task in many machine learning applications such as the prediction phase of low-rank matrix factorization models and deep learning models. Recently, there has been substantial research on how to perform MIPS in sub-linear time, but most of the existing work does not have the flexibility to control the trade-off between search efficiency and search quality. In this paper, we study the important problem of MIPS with a computational budget. By carefully studying the problem structure of MIPS, we develop a novel Greedy-MIPS algorithm, which can handle budgeted MIPS by design. While simple and intuitive, Greedy-MIPS yields surprisingly superior performance compared to state-of-the-art approaches. As a specific example, on a candidate set containing half a million vectors of dimension 200, Greedy-MIPS runs 200x faster than the naive approach while yielding search results with the top-5 precision greater than 75%.