Lifted Inference Rules With Constraints

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 28 (NIPS 2015)

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Happy Mittal, Anuj Mahajan, Vibhav G. Gogate, Parag Singla


Lifted inference rules exploit symmetries for fast reasoning in statistical rela-tional models. Computational complexity of these rules is highly dependent onthe choice of the constraint language they operate on and therefore coming upwith the right kind of representation is critical to the success of lifted inference.In this paper, we propose a new constraint language, called setineq, which allowssubset, equality and inequality constraints, to represent substitutions over the vari-ables in the theory. Our constraint formulation is strictly more expressive thanexisting representations, yet easy to operate on. We reformulate the three mainlifting rules: decomposer, generalized binomial and the recently proposed singleoccurrence for MAP inference, to work with our constraint representation. Exper-iments on benchmark MLNs for exact and sampling based inference demonstratethe effectiveness of our approach over several other existing techniques.