Subspace Embeddings for the Polynomial Kernel

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 27 (NIPS 2014)

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Haim Avron, Huy Nguyen, David Woodruff


Sketching is a powerful dimensionality reduction tool for accelerating statistical learning algorithms. However, its applicability has been limited to a certain extent since the crucial ingredient, the so-called oblivious subspace embedding, can only be applied to data spaces with an explicit representation as the column span or row span of a matrix, while in many settings learning is done in a high-dimensional space implicitly defined by the data matrix via a kernel transformation. We propose the first {\em fast} oblivious subspace embeddings that are able to embed a space induced by a non-linear kernel {\em without} explicitly mapping the data to the high-dimensional space. In particular, we propose an embedding for mappings induced by the polynomial kernel. Using the subspace embeddings, we obtain the fastest known algorithms for computing an implicit low rank approximation of the higher-dimension mapping of the data matrix, and for computing an approximate kernel PCA of the data, as well as doing approximate kernel principal component regression.