Large-Margin Convex Polytope Machine

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 27 (NIPS 2014)

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Alex Kantchelian, Michael C. Tschantz, Ling Huang, Peter L. Bartlett, Anthony D. Joseph, J. D. Tygar


We present the Convex Polytope Machine (CPM), a novel non-linear learning algorithm for large-scale binary classification tasks. The CPM finds a large margin convex polytope separator which encloses one class. We develop a stochastic gradient descent based algorithm that is amenable to massive datasets, and augment it with a heuristic procedure to avoid sub-optimal local minima. Our experimental evaluations of the CPM on large-scale datasets from distinct domains (MNIST handwritten digit recognition, text topic, and web security) demonstrate that the CPM trains models faster, sometimes several orders of magnitude, than state-of-the-art similar approaches and kernel-SVM methods while achieving comparable or better classification performance. Our empirical results suggest that, unlike prior similar approaches, we do not need to control the number of sub-classifiers (sides of the polytope) to avoid overfitting.