Articulated Pose Estimation by a Graphical Model with Image Dependent Pairwise Relations

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 27 (NIPS 2014)

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Xianjie Chen, Alan L. Yuille


We present a method for estimating articulated human pose from a single static image based on a graphical model with novel pairwise relations that make adaptive use of local image measurements. More precisely, we specify a graphical model for human pose which exploits the fact the local image measurements can be used both to detect parts (or joints) and also to predict the spatial relationships between them (Image Dependent Pairwise Relations). These spatial relationships are represented by a mixture model. We use Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) to learn conditional probabilities for the presence of parts and their spatial relationships within image patches. Hence our model combines the representational flexibility of graphical models with the efficiency and statistical power of DCNNs. Our method significantly outperforms the state of the art methods on the LSP and FLIC datasets and also performs very well on the Buffy dataset without any training.