Feature-aware Label Space Dimension Reduction for Multi-label Classification

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25 (NIPS 2012)

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Yao-nan Chen, Hsuan-tien Lin


Label space dimension reduction (LSDR) is an efficient and effective paradigm for multi-label classification with many classes. Existing approaches to LSDR, such as compressive sensing and principal label space transformation, exploit only the label part of the dataset, but not the feature part. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to LSDR that considers both the label and the feature parts. The approach, called conditional principal label space transformation, is based on minimizing an upper bound of the popular Hamming loss. The minimization step of the approach can be carried out efficiently by a simple use of singular value decomposition. In addition, the approach can be extended to a kernelized version that allows the use of sophisticated feature combinations to assist LSDR. The experimental results verify that the proposed approach is more effective than existing ones to LSDR across many real-world datasets.