Super-Bit Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25 (NIPS 2012)

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Jianqiu Ji, Jianmin Li, Shuicheng Yan, Bo Zhang, Qi Tian


Sign-random-projection locality-sensitive hashing (SRP-LSH) is a probabilistic dimension reduction method which provides an unbiased estimate of angular similarity, yet suffers from the large variance of its estimation. In this work, we propose the Super-Bit locality-sensitive hashing (SBLSH). It is easy to implement, which orthogonalizes the random projection vectors in batches, and it is theoretically guaranteed that SBLSH also provides an unbiased estimate of angular similarity, yet with a smaller variance when the angle to estimate is within $(0,\pi/2]$. The extensive experiments on real data well validate that given the same length of binary code, SBLSH may achieve significant mean squared error reduction in estimating pairwise angular similarity. Moreover, SBLSH shows the superiority over SRP-LSH in approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) retrieval experiments.