The Fast Convergence of Boosting

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24 (NIPS 2011)

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Matus Telgarsky


This manuscript considers the convergence rate of boosting under a large class of losses, including the exponential and logistic losses, where the best previous rate of convergence was O(exp(1/ε²)). First, it is established that the setting of weak learnability aids the entire class, granting a rate O(ln(1/ε)). Next, the (disjoint) conditions under which the infimal empirical risk is attainable are characterized in terms of the sample and weak learning class, and a new proof is given for the known rate O(ln(1/ε)). Finally, it is established that any instance can be decomposed into two smaller instances resembling the two preceding special cases, yielding a rate O(1/ε), with a matching lower bound for the logistic loss. The principal technical hurdle throughout this work is the potential unattainability of the infimal empirical risk; the technique for overcoming this barrier may be of general interest.