Subgraph Detection Using Eigenvector L1 Norms

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23 (NIPS 2010)

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Benjamin Miller, Nadya Bliss, Patrick Wolfe


When working with network datasets, the theoretical framework of detection theory for Euclidean vector spaces no longer applies. Nevertheless, it is desirable to determine the detectability of small, anomalous graphs embedded into background networks with known statistical properties. Casting the problem of subgraph detection in a signal processing context, this article provides a framework and empirical results that elucidate a detection theory" for graph-valued data. Its focus is the detection of anomalies in unweighted, undirected graphs through L1 properties of the eigenvectors of the graph’s so-called modularity matrix. This metric is observed to have relatively low variance for certain categories of randomly-generated graphs, and to reveal the presence of an anomalous subgraph with reasonable reliability when the anomaly is not well-correlated with stronger portions of the background graph. An analysis of subgraphs in real network datasets confirms the efficacy of this approach."