MCBoost: Multiple Classifier Boosting for Perceptual Co-clustering of Images and Visual Features

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 21 (NIPS 2008)

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Tae-kyun Kim, Roberto Cipolla


We present a new co-clustering problem of images and visual features. The problem involves a set of non-object images in addition to a set of object images and features to be co-clustered. Co-clustering is performed in a way of maximising discrimination of object images from non-object images, thus emphasizing discriminative features. This provides a way of obtaining perceptual joint-clusters of object images and features. We tackle the problem by simultaneously boosting multiple strong classifiers which compete for images by their expertise. Each boosting classifier is an aggregation of weak-learners, i.e. simple visual features. The obtained classifiers are useful for multi-category and multi-view object detection tasks. Experiments on a set of pedestrian images and a face data set demonstrate that the method yields intuitive image clusters with associated features and is much superior to conventional boosting classifiers in object detection tasks.