Predicting Brain States from fMRI Data: Incremental Functional Principal Component Regression

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 20 (NIPS 2007)

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Sennay Ghebreab, Arnold Smeulders, Pieter Adriaans


We propose a method for reconstruction of human brain states directly from functional neuroimaging data. The method extends the traditional multivariate regression analysis of discretized fMRI data to the domain of stochastic functional measurements, facilitating evaluation of brain responses to naturalistic stimuli and boosting the power of functional imaging. The method searches for sets of voxel timecourses that optimize a multivariate functional linear model in terms of Rsquare-statistic. Population based incremental learning is used to search for spatially distributed voxel clusters, taking into account the variation in Haemodynamic lag across brain areas and among subjects by voxel-wise non-linear registration of stimuli to fMRI data. The method captures spatially distributed brain responses to naturalistic stimuli without attempting to localize function. Application of the method for prediction of naturalistic stimuli from new and unknown fMRI data shows that the approach is capable of identifying distributed clusters of brain locations that are highly predictive of a specific stimuli.