Surface Reconstruction using Learned Shape Models

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 17 (NIPS 2004)

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Jan Solem, Fredrik Kahl


We consider the problem of geometrical surface reconstruction from one or several images using learned shape models. While humans can effort- lessly retrieve 3D shape information, this inverse problem has turned out to be difficult to perform automatically. We introduce a framework based on level set surface reconstruction and shape models for achieving this goal. Through this merging, we obtain an efficient and robust method for reconstructing surfaces of an object category of interest. The shape model includes surface cues such as point, curve and silhou- ette features. Based on ideas from Active Shape Models, we show how both the geometry and the appearance of these features can be modelled consistently in a multi-view context. The complete surface is obtained by evolving a level set driven by a PDE, which tries to fit the surface to the inferred 3D features. In addition, an a priori 3D surface model is used to regularize the solution, in particular, where surface features are sparse. Experiments are demonstrated on a database of real face images.