Learning Switching Linear Models of Human Motion

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13 (NIPS 2000)

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Vladimir Pavlovic, James M. Rehg, John MacCormick


The human figure exhibits complex and rich dynamic behavior that is both nonlinear and time-varying. Effective models of human dynamics can be learned from motion capture data using switching linear dynamic system (SLDS) models. We present results for human motion synthe(cid:173) sis, classification, and visual tracking using learned SLDS models. Since exact inference in SLDS is intractable, we present three approximate in(cid:173) ference algorithms and compare their performance. In particular, a new variational inference algorithm is obtained by casting the SLDS model as a Dynamic Bayesian Network. Classification experiments show the superiority of SLDS over conventional HMM's for our problem domain.