Overfitting in Neural Nets: Backpropagation, Conjugate Gradient, and Early Stopping

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13 (NIPS 2000)

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Rich Caruana, Steve Lawrence, C. Giles


The conventional wisdom is that backprop nets with excess hidden units generalize poorly. We show that nets with excess capacity generalize well when trained with backprop and early stopping. Experiments sug(cid:173) gest two reasons for this: 1) Overfitting can vary significantly in different regions of the model. Excess capacity allows better fit to regions of high non-linearity, and backprop often avoids overfitting the regions of low non-linearity. 2) Regardless of size, nets learn task subcomponents in similar sequence. Big nets pass through stages similar to those learned by smaller nets. Early stopping can stop training the large net when it generalizes comparably to a smaller net. We also show that conjugate gradient can yield worse generalization because it overfits regions of low non-linearity when learning to fit regions of high non-linearity.