Event-Driven Simulation of Networks of Spiking Neurons

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 6 (NIPS 1993)

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Lloyd Watts


A fast event-driven software simulator has been developed for sim(cid:173) ulating large networks of spiking neurons and synapses. The prim(cid:173) itive network elements are designed to exhibit biologically realis(cid:173) tic behaviors, such as spiking, refractoriness, adaptation, axonal delays, summation of post-synaptic current pulses, and tonic cur(cid:173) rent inputs. The efficient event-driven representation allows large networks to be simulated in a fraction of the time that would be required for a full compartmental-model simulation. Correspond(cid:173) ing analog CMOS VLSI circuit primitives have been designed and characterized, so that large-scale circuits may be simulated prior to fabrication.