Online Matrix Completion with Side Information

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 (NeurIPS 2020)

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Mark Herbster, Stephen Pasteris, Lisa Tse


<p>We give an online algorithm and prove novel mistake and regret bounds for online binary matrix completion with side information. The mistake bounds we prove are of the form \tilde{O}(D/\gamma^2). The term 1/\gamma^2 is analogous to the usual margin term in SVM (perceptron) bounds. More specifically, if we assume that there is some factorization of the underlying m x n matrix into PQ^T, where the rows of P are interpreted as "classifiers" in R^d and the rows of Q as "instances" in R^d, then gamma is the maximum (normalized) margin over all factorizations PQ^T consistent with the observed matrix. The quasi-dimension term D measures the quality of side information. In the presence of vacuous side information, D = m+n. However, if the side information is predictive of the underlying factorization of the matrix, then in an ideal case, D \in O(k + l) where k is the number of distinct row factors and l is the number of distinct column factors. We additionally provide a generalization of our algorithm to the inductive setting. In this setting, we provide an example where the side information is not directly specified in advance. For this example, the quasi-dimension D is now bounded by O(k^2 + l^2).</p>