GAP Safe Screening Rules for Sparse-Group Lasso

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 29 (NIPS 2016)

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Eugene Ndiaye, Olivier Fercoq, Alexandre Gramfort, Joseph Salmon


For statistical learning in high dimension, sparse regularizations have proven useful to boost both computational and statistical efficiency. In some contexts, it is natural to handle more refined structures than pure sparsity, such as for instance group sparsity. Sparse-Group Lasso has recently been introduced in the context of linear regression to enforce sparsity both at the feature and at the group level. We propose the first (provably) safe screening rules for Sparse-Group Lasso, i.e., rules that allow to discard early in the solver features/groups that are inactive at optimal solution. Thanks to efficient dual gap computations relying on the geometric properties of $\epsilon$-norm, safe screening rules for Sparse-Group Lasso lead to significant gains in term of computing time for our coordinate descent implementation.