Convolutional-Recursive Deep Learning for 3D Object Classification

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25 (NIPS 2012)

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Richard Socher, Brody Huval, Bharath Bath, Christopher D. Manning, Andrew Ng


Recent advances in 3D sensing technologies make it possible to easily record color and depth images which together can improve object recognition. Most current methods rely on very well-designed features for this new 3D modality. We in- troduce a model based on a combination of convolutional and recursive neural networks (CNN and RNN) for learning features and classifying RGB-D images. The CNN layer learns low-level translationally invariant features which are then given as inputs to multiple, fixed-tree RNNs in order to compose higher order fea- tures. RNNs can be seen as combining convolution and pooling into one efficient, hierarchical operation. Our main result is that even RNNs with random weights compose powerful features. Our model obtains state of the art performance on a standard RGB-D object dataset while being more accurate and faster during train- ing and testing than comparable architectures such as two-layer CNNs.