A Probabilistic Algorithm Integrating Source Localization and Noise Suppression of MEG and EEG data

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19 (NIPS 2006)

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Johanna Zumer, Hagai Attias, Kensuke Sekihara, Srikantan Nagarajan


We have developed a novel algorithm for integrating source localization and noise suppression based on a probabilistic graphical model of stimulus-evoked MEG/EEG data. Our algorithm localizes multiple dipoles while suppressing noise sources with the computational complexity equivalent to a single dipole scan, and is therefore more ef(cid:2)cient than traditional multidipole (cid:2)tting procedures. In simulation, the algorithm can accurately localize and estimate the time course of several simultaneously-active dipoles, with rotating or (cid:2)xed orientation, at noise levels typical for averaged MEG data. Furthermore, the algorithm is superior to beamforming techniques, which we show to be an approximation to our graphical model, in estimation of temporally correlated sources. Success of this algorithm for localizing auditory cortex in a tumor patient and for localizing an epileptic spike source are also demonstrated.