From Coexpression to Coregulation: An Approach to Inferring Transcriptional Regulation among Gene Classes from Large-Scale Expression Data

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 12 (NIPS 1999)

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Eric Mjolsness, Tobias Mann, Rebecca Castaño, Barbara Wold


small-scale gene

regulation networks

We provide preliminary evidence that eXlstmg algorithms for inferring from gene expression data can be adapted to large-scale gene expression data coming from hybridization microarrays. The essential steps are (1) clustering many genes by their expression time-course data into a minimal set of clusters of co-expressed genes, (2) theoretically modeling the various conditions under which the time-courses are measured using a continious-time analog recurrent neural network for the cluster mean time-courses, (3) fitting such a regulatory model to the cluster mean time courses by simulated annealing with weight decay, and (4) analysing several such fits for commonalities the connection matrices. This procedure can be used to assess the adequacy of existing and future gene expression time-course data sets for determ ining transcriptional regulatory relationships such as coregulation .

the circuit parameter sets