Smoothing Regularizers for Projective Basis Function Networks

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 9 (NIPS 1996)

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John Moody, Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson


Smoothing regularizers for radial basis functions have been studied extensively, but no general smoothing regularizers for projective basis junctions (PBFs), such as the widely-used sigmoidal PBFs, have heretofore been proposed. We de(cid:173) rive new classes of algebraically-simple mH'-order smoothing regularizers for networks of the form f(W, x) = L7=1 Ujg [x T Vj + Vjol + uo, with general projective basis functions g[.]. These regularizers are:

Ra(W,m) = LU;lIvjIl2m-1 GlobalForm