NIPS Proceedingsβ

Zhouchen Lin

7 Papers

  • Joint Sub-bands Learning with Clique Structures for Wavelet Domain Super-Resolution (2018)
  • SPIDER: Near-Optimal Non-Convex Optimization via Stochastic Path-Integrated Differential Estimator (2018)
  • Faster and Non-ergodic O(1/K) Stochastic Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (2017)
  • Accelerated Proximal Gradient Methods for Nonconvex Programming (2015)
  • Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Adaptive Penalty for Low-Rank Representation (2011)
  • Optimizing Multi-Class Spatio-Spectral Filters via Bayes Error Estimation for EEG Classification (2009)
  • Classification via Minimum Incremental Coding Length (MICL) (2007)