NIPS Proceedingsβ

Zhaoran Wang

10 Papers

  • Convergent Policy Optimization for Safe Reinforcement Learning (2019)
  • Neural Temporal-Difference Learning Converges to Global Optima (2019)
  • Neural Trust Region/Proximal Policy Optimization Attains Globally Optimal Policy (2019)
  • Provably Global Convergence of Actor-Critic: A Case for Linear Quadratic Regulator with Ergodic Cost (2019)
  • Statistical-Computational Tradeoff in Single Index Models (2019)
  • Variance Reduced Policy Evaluation with Smooth Function Approximation (2019)
  • Contrastive Learning from Pairwise Measurements (2018)
  • Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning via Double Averaging Primal-Dual Optimization (2018)
  • Provable Gaussian Embedding with One Observation (2018)
  • Estimating High-dimensional Non-Gaussian Multiple Index Models via Stein’s Lemma (2017)