NIPS Proceedingsβ

Yining Wang

9 Papers

  • How Many Samples are Needed to Estimate a Convolutional Neural Network? (2018)
  • Near-Optimal Policies for Dynamic Multinomial Logit Assortment Selection Models (2018)
  • Optimization of Smooth Functions with Noisy Observations: Local Minimax Rates (2018)
  • On the Power of Truncated SVD for General High-rank Matrix Estimation Problems (2017)
  • Data Poisoning Attacks on Factorization-Based Collaborative Filtering (2016)
  • Online and Differentially-Private Tensor Decomposition (2016)
  • Differentially private subspace clustering (2015)
  • Fast and Guaranteed Tensor Decomposition via Sketching (2015)
  • Spectral Methods for Supervised Topic Models (2014)