NIPS Proceedingsβ

Wei Chen

12 Papers

  • Community Exploration: From Offline Optimization to Online Learning (2018)
  • On the Local Hessian in Back-propagation (2018)
  • Finite Sample Analysis of the GTD Policy Evaluation Algorithms in Markov Setting (2017)
  • Improving Regret Bounds for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits with Probabilistically Triggered Arms and Its Applications (2017)
  • Influence Maximization with $\varepsilon$-Almost Submodular Threshold Functions (2017)
  • LightGBM: A Highly Efficient Gradient Boosting Decision Tree (2017)
  • A Communication-Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Decision Tree (2016)
  • Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit with General Reward Functions (2016)
  • Stochastic Online Greedy Learning with Semi-bandit Feedbacks (2015)
  • Combinatorial Pure Exploration of Multi-Armed Bandits (2014)
  • Two-Layer Generalization Analysis for Ranking Using Rademacher Average (2010)
  • Ranking Measures and Loss Functions in Learning to Rank (2009)