NIPS Proceedingsβ

Umut Simsekli

7 Papers

  • Asymptotic Guarantees for Learning Generative Models with the Sliced-Wasserstein Distance (2019)
  • First Exit Time Analysis of Stochastic Gradient Descent Under Heavy-Tailed Gradient Noise (2019)
  • Generalized Sliced Wasserstein Distances (2019)
  • Bayesian Pose Graph Optimization via Bingham Distributions and Tempered Geodesic MCMC (2018)
  • Learning the Morphology of Brain Signals Using Alpha-Stable Convolutional Sparse Coding (2017)
  • Stochastic Gradient Richardson-Romberg Markov Chain Monte Carlo (2016)
  • Generalised Coupled Tensor Factorisation (2011)