NIPS Proceedingsβ

Tor Lattimore

9 Papers

  • A Scale Free Algorithm for Stochastic Bandits with Bounded Kurtosis (2017)
  • Unifying PAC and Regret: Uniform PAC Bounds for Episodic Reinforcement Learning (2017)
  • Causal Bandits: Learning Good Interventions via Causal Inference (2016)
  • Following the Leader and Fast Rates in Linear Prediction: Curved Constraint Sets and Other Regularities (2016)
  • On Explore-Then-Commit strategies (2016)
  • Refined Lower Bounds for Adversarial Bandits (2016)
  • Linear Multi-Resource Allocation with Semi-Bandit Feedback (2015)
  • The Pareto Regret Frontier for Bandits (2015)
  • Bounded Regret for Finite-Armed Structured Bandits (2014)