NIPS Proceedingsβ

Tomoharu Iwata

8 Papers

  • Spatially Aggregated Gaussian Processes with Multivariate Areal Outputs (2019)
  • Transfer Anomaly Detection by Inferring Latent Domain Representations (2019)
  • Multi-view Anomaly Detection via Robust Probabilistic Latent Variable Models (2016)
  • Cross-Domain Matching for Bag-of-Words Data via Kernel Embeddings of Latent Distributions (2015)
  • Latent Support Measure Machines for Bag-of-Words Data Classification (2014)
  • Dynamic Infinite Relational Model for Time-varying Relational Data Analysis (2010)
  • Modeling Social Annotation Data with Content Relevance using a Topic Model (2009)
  • Parametric Embedding for Class Visualization (2004)