NIPS Proceedingsβ

Taiji Suzuki

9 Papers

  • Sample Efficient Stochastic Gradient Iterative Hard Thresholding Method for Stochastic Sparse Linear Regression with Limited Attribute Observation (2018)
  • Doubly Accelerated Stochastic Variance Reduced Dual Averaging Method for Regularized Empirical Risk Minimization (2017)
  • Trimmed Density Ratio Estimation (2017)
  • Minimax Optimal Alternating Minimization for Kernel Nonparametric Tensor Learning (2016)
  • Convex Tensor Decomposition via Structured Schatten Norm Regularization (2013)
  • Density-Difference Estimation (2012)
  • Relative Density-Ratio Estimation for Robust Distribution Comparison (2011)
  • Statistical Performance of Convex Tensor Decomposition (2011)
  • Unifying Framework for Fast Learning Rate of Non-Sparse Multiple Kernel Learning (2011)