NIPS Proceedingsβ

Sebastian Tschiatschek

8 Papers

  • Generalization in Reinforcement Learning with Selective Noise Injection and Information Bottleneck (2019)
  • Icebreaker: Element-wise Efficient Information Acquisition with a Bayesian Deep Latent Gaussian Model (2019)
  • Learner-aware Teaching: Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Preferences and Constraints (2019)
  • Successor Uncertainties: Exploration and Uncertainty in Temporal Difference Learning (2019)
  • Teaching Inverse Reinforcement Learners via Features and Demonstrations (2018)
  • Cooperative Graphical Models (2016)
  • Variational Inference in Mixed Probabilistic Submodular Models (2016)
  • Learning Mixtures of Submodular Functions for Image Collection Summarization (2014)