NIPS Proceedingsβ

Mitsuo Kawato

11 Papers

  • Predicting EMG Data from M1 Neurons with Variational Bayesian Least Squares (2005)
  • Multiple Paired Forward-Inverse Models for Human Motor Learning and Control (1998)
  • A Computational Model for Cursive Handwriting Based on the Minimization Principle (1993)
  • Inverse Dynamics of Speech Motor Control (1993)
  • Integration of Visual and Somatosensory Information for Preshaping Hand in Grasping Movements (1992)
  • Physiologically Based Speech Synthesis (1992)
  • Forward Dynamics Modeling of Speech Motor Control Using Physiological Data (1991)
  • Recognition of Manipulated Objects by Motor Learning (1991)
  • Simulation of Optimal Movements Using the Minimum-Muscle-Tension-Change Model (1991)
  • Learning Trajectory and Force Control of an Artificial Muscle Arm by Parallel-hierarchical Neural Network Model (1990)
  • Model Based Image Compression and Adaptive Data Representation by Interacting Filter Banks (1989)