NIPS Proceedingsβ

Michal Valko

12 Papers

  • Exact sampling of determinantal point processes with sublinear time preprocessing (2019)
  • Multiagent Evaluation under Incomplete Information (2019)
  • On two ways to use determinantal point processes for Monte Carlo integration (2019)
  • Planning in entropy-regularized Markov decision processes and games (2019)
  • Optimistic optimization of a Brownian (2018)
  • Efficient Second-Order Online Kernel Learning with Adaptive Embedding (2017)
  • Online Influence Maximization under Independent Cascade Model with Semi-Bandit Feedback (2017)
  • Blazing the trails before beating the path: Sample-efficient Monte-Carlo planning (2016)
  • Black-box optimization of noisy functions with unknown smoothness (2015)
  • Efficient learning by implicit exploration in bandit problems with side observations (2014)
  • Extreme bandits (2014)
  • Online combinatorial optimization with stochastic decision sets and adversarial losses (2014)