NIPS Proceedingsβ

Kevin G. Jamieson

10 Papers

  • A New Perspective on Pool-Based Active Classification and False-Discovery Control (2019)
  • Non-Asymptotic Gap-Dependent Regret Bounds for Tabular MDPs (2019)
  • Sequential Experimental Design for Transductive Linear Bandits (2019)
  • A Bandit Approach to Sequential Experimental Design with False Discovery Control (2018)
  • A framework for Multi-A(rmed)/B(andit) Testing with Online FDR Control (2017)
  • Finite Sample Prediction and Recovery Bounds for Ordinal Embedding (2016)
  • The Power of Adaptivity in Identifying Statistical Alternatives (2016)
  • NEXT: A System for Real-World Development, Evaluation, and Application of Active Learning (2015)
  • Query Complexity of Derivative-Free Optimization (2012)
  • Active Ranking using Pairwise Comparisons (2011)