NIPS Proceedingsβ

Heng Huang

10 Papers

  • Bilevel Distance Metric Learning for Robust Image Recognition (2018)
  • Training Neural Networks Using Features Replay (2018)
  • Group Sparse Additive Machine (2017)
  • Learning A Structured Optimal Bipartite Graph for Co-Clustering (2017)
  • Regularized Modal Regression with Applications in Cognitive Impairment Prediction (2017)
  • Error Analysis of Generalized Nyström Kernel Regression (2016)
  • Forging The Graphs: A Low Rank and Positive Semidefinite Graph Learning Approach (2012)
  • High-Order Multi-Task Feature Learning to Identify Longitudinal Phenotypic Markers for Alzheimer's Disease Progression Prediction (2012)
  • Maximum Margin Multi-Instance Learning (2011)
  • Efficient and Robust Feature Selection via Joint ℓ2,1-Norms Minimization (2010)