NIPS Proceedingsβ

Emma Brunskill

9 Papers

  • Almost Horizon-Free Structure-Aware Best Policy Identification with a Generative Model (2019)
  • Limiting Extrapolation in Linear Approximate Value Iteration (2019)
  • Offline Contextual Bandits with High Probability Fairness Guarantees (2019)
  • Representation Balancing MDPs for Off-policy Policy Evaluation (2018)
  • Regret Minimization in MDPs with Options without Prior Knowledge (2017)
  • Unifying PAC and Regret: Uniform PAC Bounds for Episodic Reinforcement Learning (2017)
  • Using Options and Covariance Testing for Long Horizon Off-Policy Policy Evaluation (2017)
  • Sample Complexity of Episodic Fixed-Horizon Reinforcement Learning (2015)
  • Sequential Transfer in Multi-armed Bandit with Finite Set of Models (2013)